Supportive Family Class

Rhea Stevenson
Knoles Village Square (location map)
Thursday, 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM
06/07/18 - 07/12/18 (6 weeks)


    All-inclusion class offering (anyone can attend - children birth to age 7) with special attention to children with Special Needs.  This class follows the same Music Together® curriculum of our other classes, with modifications to meet the needs of our students (for example, we may have a student who is particularly sensitive to sound, therefore the class will be quieter than other classes).  The Supportive Family class is only taught by a teacher who has a background in Special Education or Music Therapy, and the class size is limited to a total of six students.   This class also allows parents to connect, support and network with each other in regards to their children's special needs.  

Upcoming Meetings
06/07/18    9:00 AM Thursday 06/07/18 9:00 AM
06/14/18    9:00 AM Thursday 06/14/18 9:00 AM
06/21/18    9:00 AM Thursday 06/21/18 9:00 AM
06/28/18    9:00 AM Thursday 06/28/18 9:00 AM
07/05/18    9:00 AM Thursday 07/05/18 9:00 AM
07/12/18    9:00 AM Thursday 07/12/18 9:00 AM