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*Next Playdates:  To Be Announced..


MUSICAL PLAYDATES hosted by Rhea Stevenson

Join us for Musical Playdates ~ A time to sing, dance, socialize with other parents, and play with your child!  Only $10 drop-in fee ($5 for additional siblings), no reservations required, (it would be great if people gave me a heads-up if they are coming though!)  This is appropriate for children ages birth to age 5.  

Our studio is located at:  2708 N. 4th St. Suite A-6 Knoles Village Shopping Plaza

What we do:   

We will have a 30 min. music experience followed by Play, coffee and pastries!  Parents and caregivers are welcome to stay while background music is played and the toys come out!  This is a perfect opportunity to meet others in the community with young children, network, share information, and just have fun with the kiddos!  

*****  There are no playdates scheduled during FUSD school closures/holidays, including closures due to snow/ice in winter months.  

Need more information and have questions?  Get in touch with me today!